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Sliema is a coastal town located in the Northern region of Malta, overlooking the capital city, Valletta. Along the Sliema seafront, you will find the neighbouring town of St. Julians. Although neighbouring, both towns serve different purposes- whilst Sliema showcases the "dolce vita", with leisure activities such as beaches, shopping, cafés, and sea views, St. Julians is a vibrant burst of party life, bars and restaurants, making the fact that they are so closely connected an advantage to locals and tourists alike. Talk about having the best of both worlds! 

Start your day the Maltese way- have a "the' u pastizzi" (tea and pastizzi- almost a Maltese delicacy) at Giorgio's café, overlooking the Sliema Ferries. Giorgio's is one of the first cafés to ever grace the town of Sliema, therefore it is only fitting that one should start their day there! It is found right at the corner of Bisazza street, a pedestrian street full of shops and boutiques, yet it boasts of excellent views of the comings and goings of the ferries and harbour cruises available at Sliema Ferries. It is the perfect way to observe the hustle and bustle of Sliema, as although the town's namesake means "peace", it happens to be one of Malta's busiest towns. 

Spend the rest of the morning at the beach- Sliema, being a coastal town, boasts of a variety of clean yet rocky beaches, with sunny and shaded areas alike, along the seafront. Some notable swimming areas are Tigne, Surfside, Exiles and Qui-Si Sana- all safe, clean and equipped with ladders, with flat areas ideal for sunbathing. You could also opt to take a harbour cruise around Sliema and Valletta- a great experience for all the family. 

For lunch, the options in Sliema are endless and able to suit every individual's needs. For those who are health conscious, yet won't compromise their tastebuds' enjoyment, Mint (opposite Surfside) is the ideal option- boasting of freshly prepared, vegetable based, vegetarian or vegan dishes. If you're in the mood for some typical Maltese cuisine, head over to Ta' Kris, a tiny yet charming restaurant that will definitely impress. If you are looking for lunch on a budget, look for Il-Gabbana, a café located on the Sliema Waterfront, opposite Surfside, or Tony's Bar, a British pub style café opposite the Sliema Ferries. 

If you want to avoid the harsh sun in the afternoon, make your way towards The Point, Sliema's largest shopping mall, for some shopping and relaxation. For those who like to shop, The Point offers many different stores, from high end to the high street- your needs and wants are very likely to be met! One will find clothing stores, makeup stores, shoe stores, perfumeries, "tech" shops, sports shops, a kitchenware store... the list is endless! And if shopping really, really, really isn't your thing, head over to JAR, ground level, for the best milkshake of your life. 

In the evening, it's a no-brainer; the only place to go to is St. Julians. If the weather permits/ if you have enough energy after such a long day of bliss and relaxation, you can walk to St, Julians following the Sliema seafront. If not, buses are readily available, with a bus stop within walking distance from anywhere you are currently situated in Sliema. St. Julians, in the evening, is colourful and vibrant- there will always be something to do, somewhere to go or something to see. 

St. Julians is home to Paceville, a party village overflowing with clubs, bars, and restaurants. If you are feeling adventurous, start your evening with happy hour from Soho lounge, situated at the heart of Paceville. If, however, you are looking for quiet, quality fine dining, look no further than Caviar and Bulla nationally and an internationally renowned restaurant. Alternatively, if you cannot get enough of Maltese cuisine, head over to Gululu, located by the waterfront of St Julians. 

If you are still wild at heart, it is now time for the club. Grab your friends and walk over to Havana club, the home of Ramp; B, or Bar Native, for some Latin music. The choices are vast and endless, see where the night takes you!

After a day like this, it is hard not to go back to these towns. There are so many things to do in both Sliema and St. Julians, that if you do decide to go back, the experience will always be most satisfying.