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Recipe Monday – Tarja Froġa 

Tarja Froġa is a Maltese pasta omelette, traditionally made with vermicelli. This dish was an ingenious way of bulking up freshly cooked pasta or turning leftovers into a second meal, as it comes together without much effort, but disappears just as fast! 


  • 300grms Vermicelli Spaghetti 
  • 3 beaten eggs 
  • 5tbs grated cheese 
  • seasoning (salt and pepper) 
  • Olive Oil 


  1. Beat the eggs into a big bowl, add the cheese and seasoning 
  2. Mix the cooked vermicelli 
  3. Put a little olive oil in a frying pan, and spread the contents of the bowl in it. 
  4. Fry on a low heat till its golden brown and crispy on both sides. 
  5. Serve piping hot! 

Tip! – Be careful when turning over the froġa, if it’s not cooked enough it will end up breaking up while turning. You can use a plate to help you flip it over. 

Happy Cooking!
Oct 04, 2018,