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Let’s be honest – packing is probably the most annoying part of any holiday, no matter where you’re going. Some of us are packing ninjas, able to get organised and sort out a suitcase at a moment’s notice without breaking a sweat. Most of us mere mortals, however, need a little help – and possibly some divine intervention – to get things done. Without further ado, here are a few tips to get you packing like a pro. 

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1 | Make a List (or two) 

To-do list are fabulous little things that make us feel a sense of calm and control over the situation. But you can’t just stop at writing the list – you need to get down to business like Mulan in that Disney movie. Start off with a list of essentials, and make another one for the ‘nice to have’ items that you technically could live without. Pack the essentials first (including those important documents and some cash in the local currency) before moving on to the ‘nice to have’ bits. And you know you don’t need 3 pairs of flip flops. Put them down.

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2 | Roll on 

You might already know someone who rolls their clothes instead of folding them the way mummy taught you to all those years ago. It might look a little strange at first, but give it a try – you’ll be surprised at how much space and time you’ll save! Think “sushi master”. 

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3 | Accessories at the top 

Leave accessories and smaller items to the very end to lessen the chances of finding that your new pair of earrings has become a crumble mess of metal and gemstones at the bottom of your bag. Placing these items further up in the bag-hierarchy will also help you to find these bits and pieces more easily when it comes to unpacking.

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4 | Know your limits 

Contrary to what Mean Girls may have taught us, there is indeed a limit. Be realistic about how many pairs of shoes you actually need versus how many you want to take with you (because you want options), and try to pack versatile items that you can use to style into a few different outfits. Also, be practical about how many pairs of underwear you need. Seriously.

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5 | A word about liquids 

Or rather, three words: Zip. Lock. Bags. It might seem odd at first, but putting your liquids into these plastic bags will protect your beloved belongings from being covered in whatever decided to leak during your 3-hour flight. The last thing you need is a suitcase full of sunblock to go with your post-holiday blues. 

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6 | Lock it down amp; dress it up 

If you haven’t already bought one – invest in a good, teeny-tiny lock to keep your things safe. Oh, and if you’re one of those people who struggle to recognise their own suitcase when you hit baggage reclaim, consider tying a colourful piece of ribbon to your bag, or buying a distinctive tag that’ll help you spot your suitcase (before you pick up someone else’s).

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Oct 31, 2018